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Zambaiti Distribuzione tessile S.p.a. are leading wholesale distributors of men’s, women’s and children’s ready-to-wear fashion, providing both classic and elegant as well as casual sportswear lines, consistently up to date with the latest fashion trends.

An impressive selection of articles is provided: trousers, skirts, suits, blazers and jackets, jeans, shirts and blouses, knitwear, frocks and dresses, two-piece suits, coats, padded jackets and overcoats by top-end Made in Italy and international fashion labels, all available at highly competitive prices.

Hundreds of programmed-fashion collections are updated with intermediate flash collections whilst the ready-to-wear collections are updated with weekly re-assortments.

What we have on offer in the fashion sector meets all the requirements by specialised fashion business operators, whether they are oriented toward ready to wear collection purchases, toward programmed-fashion collection purchases with orders placed on sample collections or whether they are oriented towards private label garment production.


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